Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Squeezing in a Quick Run

This morning I rushed off to the gym with the intention of doing the RPM class at Club Pink. However although I made it to the class on time (just) the bikes were all taken so I had to be satisfied with just following my fitness/gym program. Next week I'll aim to be there at least 5 mins earlier to ensure I have a bike or else I'll revert to the Club Lime class which has room for a lot more people. However I did a good weights session although it's probably not a good idea to do weights two days in a row.

After work I attempted to arrive home at a reasonable hour, change and go for a longish run. However the best laid plans ............... I didn't manage to run out the door until nearly 6.30pm which meant it was becoming dark by the time I was running the home stretch. I decided just to run the block loop due to the hour although my original intention had been to run twice as far.

Distance: 6km
Time taken: 33:20
Average pace per km: 5:39
Calories burned: 332

I received some exciting mail today. It was a Canberra Times black cap and a certificate stating that our team "Moore or Less" won first place in the Female 50-59 age group. That was pretty amazing. In the same mail I received my certificate of participation from the City to Surf in August!

Tuesday - Gym - Bodypump class
I decided to try the Club Pink Bodypump Class. It went well although there are so many lunges my legs just burn by the time it's over. The people are very friendly and I do enjoy the social atmosphere in the breakfast room after the classes.

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  1. What a shame to have to cut off a run because of darkness. I'm afraid of darkness too.