Saturday, June 02, 2007

Golly Gosh - another weekend is here already!

Where on earth does the time go? How did it turn into Saturday already? This has been such a full-on week and I really don't think I'll ever have time to pack. Tomorrow there is only one more week before we leave and quite soon I'll be in panic mode! CJ and Mr CJ leave on Monday for Singapore. We had coffee with them this morning after bumping into them in the Mall. I think they are almost ready - only a week on Wednesday until we meet up with them in Rome. Wowee!

Today after shopping for all the appropriate ingredients I made a train cake for grandson Sam's first birthday party tomorrow. I had help from four year old grand-daughter, Talia and my eldest daughter, Mandy and her friend. It was fun but it took us about five hours!! We constantly nibbled on naughty little scraps such as licorice, smarties, jubes, icing, marshmallows and choccie bikkies. We also made lots of chocolate crackles! Me thinks a run is in order tomorrow or I will burst out of my jeans! The cake looks pretty good though and I can foresee some very hyperactive children tomorrow!

And so back to my week. On Tuesday night the same daughter took Mr B and me to the Rubicon for dinner. Speedygoose told me at training on Monday night that it was her favourite restaurant. It is also my daughter's favourite and I can understand why. The service, the atmosphere, the location, the food and the wine could not be faulted. Yes, speedygoose, we had the champagne to start in those gorgeous tall glasses along with complementary zucchini balls. After the garlic bread, we all chose something different for mains so we could taste each others! Mandy chose the lamb, Mr B the duck and moi the chicken. Now I might add that each meal was superb - delicious sauces, veges and great presentation. We also had a good semillon blanc to accompany it. Then on speedygoose's recommendation we all selected the upside down apple pie with caramel topping for dessert - talk about heaven. I drool now just thinking about it. It was a fantastic evening altogether.

Thursday was training at Dickson oval on a very cold and unpleasant evening. We ran a couple of warm-up loops and at that stage I was the only female in a field of very fast men. In fact it was slightly intimidating even when another female joined us after the warm-up as she was another speedysprinter. All the runners tonight were fast sprinters. The worst thing is it was another 2km time trial for the main set and I ran 15secs slower than the last time we ran this a month ago. How depressing! I felt blobby, cold and slow. Surely things can only improve. Having said that and read what I have just written about today's eating habits I think I need to run a lot in Italy!! Currently I have lost motivation - I think my focus may be elsewhere!
Total distance: 7km

at 6.15am I took part in an RPM class at the gym. It was so hard but I knew I did a good work-out. When I went into the changing room I discovered I had forgotten a rather vital piece of underwear so I picked up my bag and clothes and returned home for my shower which made it rather a rushed start to the day.

In the evening from 6.45pm I attended a very large awards ceremony - 1800 people for some very prestigious awards. It was a huge night - entertainment including the Young Diva's. They were great. The band that played for the dancing later however, was pretty dreadful and soon after that I caught a cab home. It was after 1.30am however when I arrived home which meant a sleep-in was a pre-requisite this morning!


  1. Already in party mode? I hope you manage to fit SOME running in between the travel, chocolate, parties, wine and chocolate. Have a great time!

  2. Looks like a great cake, I'm not surprised it took you 5 hours. It's all come around so quickly, a week and you'll be off... how exciting.

  3. My birthday is in February - fancy making another one? ;-)

    How exciting - your holiday has come around so quickly. Will you be back for the Bush Capital marathon? I'm thinking of coming down for the 25k....

  4. Did you say g'day to Ricki-Lee for me?

    You are very clever Strewth. Sam is lucky.

    Osservare fuori per un heiress giovane quando siete in Italia!

  5. you're the best grandma ever!!!!