Sunday, June 10, 2007

An Hour Before we Leave!! Arrivederci!

We ran a last run this morning at a respectable hour which hopefully will make us sufficiently tired to sleep on the plane tonight. Miss B has taken Mr B to collect the hire car and we will drive to Sydney in about an hour. Our flight to Hong Kong leaves at 10pm tonight. I received a text from CJ at 3am this morning (!) to say they have arrived safely in Rome and their apartment is gorgeous. How exciting!
This morning's run was very pleasant. The weather was sunny and still - not warm but not too cold either - stunning actually. It would have been good to run a longer run but we thought we should allow ourselves plenty of time for last minute family visits and packing.
Distance: 10.40km
Time taken: 57mins
Average pace per km: 5:30
Calories burned: 600
I was quite happy with that pace for a last run before take-off. Watch this space for updated blogging whenever an opportunity arises. Yes, Ewen there will be desserts, afternoon cappuccinos (hmmm) and there will also be running - never fear! And photos will be posted on our return unless I can work out something technical while I'm away!! Arrivederci for a little while my friends.


  1. Hello Goodbye!
    Hello (we are back) goodbye (you have gone!)

  2. Give CJ a CR punch in the guts upon arrival.

    Tell her Emma and Rebecca have been evicted and her daughter has been forgotten already!

  3. be sure to say high to the literati, technorati and all the other -ati while you're there:

  4. Italiano Coffee is sure to taste great.

    Enjoy every sip.

  5. Strewth and Mr B,

    I hope you enjoy yourselves overseas, I shall be over there in 12 days time woohoo !

    All the very best, rest, relax and run, and don't forget to have a coffee or two.

    See you sometime in August.

    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen