Saturday, June 09, 2007

It's Almost Time to Go!!

Thursday morning I rose early (again - what's new) and ran round the block telling myself in the dark and cold that in three sleeps I would be much much warmer!
Distance: 6km
Time taken: 36mins
Guess what the pace per km was for that lot - hmmm. The cold must have been getting to me. The morning run was because I knew I couldn't go to training this evening, as a friend is moving to Queensland and I went to her farewell dinner at Banana Leaf. This time I was brave and ordered the kangaroo. It was very tender - delicious. Lately my life seems to have been made up of a series of breakfasts, lunches and dinners - very social indeed and also far too many calories consumed - more taken in than worked off I think!

Friday - Gym
Yes, another early morning as I struggled to an RPM/cycle class this morning early after a rather late night last night. It was such a hard class. I was dripping wet by the time we finished. We do lots of tough hill climbs, that is we stand up on the bikes turning the level up high then have to sit back on the seat and sprint for 90secs staying at the same level then repeat that several times. There are seven music tracks and they are all various levels of difficulty - some hill climbs, some sprints and all very aerobic. It always feels like a really good work-out and a good alternative to a run.

Today, Saturday, we had a family lunch (see what I mean - more food) at Poachers Pantry on the road to Murrumbateman. They make a lot of smoked meats there and wine on the premises. It was a delightful setting and the food was yummy. The wine was also very good indeed. On the way home we bought a birthday cake as Mr B has his birthday just a week after we leave so everyone returned to our house to finish the early celebration.

Tonight I packed! My bag weighs 17kg Ewen so I'm within the range. I'm still contemplating taking a few things out but it's a bit tricky as I really have cut right down, honest. There's always so many chargers and gadgets - mobile, garmin, camera, ipod, international plug - it's ridiculous! So one more sleep and possibly a run in the morning just to give us a good start to the long day ahead! Thank you for all your messages. I will continue to blog at every possible opportunity. On Wednesday we will meet up with CJ and Mr CJ - woo hoo!


  1. ewen just wants to squeeze himself in there, that's why he's on your case about luggage weight. you have to watch that fella.

    enjoy! we're expecting photos when you get back.

  2. You've done well. I'm impressed with your light bag. Mine was 15 kilos :)

    Arrivederci Strewth! Don't forget to do some window shopping for me, and have an afternoon cappuccino - that's what I'd do.

    Can't wait to read your first post. Enjoy the desserts. Try to do a little running!