Monday, September 01, 2008

All Shook Up!

This morning I found RPM even harder than usual. I started off tired and the first two tracks were really hard. Once I warmed up it became better but certainly never easy. And after work it was back to speedygeoff's training at Parliament House.
It was a lovely sunny day for the first day of Spring but the air definitely had a strong chill to it by the time training started. I ran in shorts tonight but most people continued in leggings.
We ran a couple of warm-up loops before our main set which was 20 x 100m fast/slow with a short rest at the half way point. It was competitive, with short and sharp repeats - we pushed ourselves and it was hard but 100m is a great distance cos it's over so quickly and the 100m jog between each sprint was a good opportunity for a chat with lots of different people. We finished with another loop of PH.
Total distance: 9km
Calories burned: 530


  1. do you think the politician's minions secretly wish you'd stop? do you think they wonder if they're really seeing you?

  2. Katy, you would have appreciated our audience of one, a bus driver standing outside his idling bus and smoking, who couldn't tear his eyes off the speedy legs as they flashed by, twenty times. Whose speedy legs were most deserving of his attention I will not say. Possibly someone in shorts and not leggings.

  3. Hotter than Strewth02 September, 2008 15:28

    Leggings? Fair suck of the sav! I was wearing trackie dacks!

  4. Keep those legs covered please, last comment person who shall remain anonymous. When you do, it keeps the on-lookers' laughter to a minimum.