Friday, September 26, 2008

Food consumption high, coffee to die for!

At the moment in Italy it is Friday afternoon and Mr B and Caroline have gone for their final briefing before their respective races. It's blowing a gale and has already rained today. I'm so glad I brought my spray jacket with me - it's had constant use! Mark (Caroline's son) and I have found an internet site inside a games parlour so we are being entertained at the same time as we blog! This morning we walked into the city for great cappuccino and to browse. It's about 2km each way and we have done that twice a day so are using up a few of the calories we're consuming! Last night the pasta party was set in a large venue near the beach. There were well over 800 people there and it was fairly chaotic. It was fun socialising with everyone and I met more people but mainly in the queue for food! This morning we also spent some time perusing the Expo between showers of rain! Caroline's race tomorrow is at 4pm and Mr B races at 7.30am on Sunday. Fingers crossed the wind and rain will ease off and the temperature will improve!

Rimini, like most Italian towns, has a main square and although it is apparently a tourist resort and very busy during the summer months it is currently quiet and the shops close for 3 hours for siesta in the middle of the day. However, the coffee is great and yes, Griffin, we have tried yummy chocolate, pastries and had a good gelati a couple of nights ago. Temptation is everywhere and some of the designer shops are mind boggling and so beautifully set out. It is quite flat here and the duathlon course is looped and flat and goes in and out and round about - not easy to navigate the run course but hopefully it will become clear after the briefing today.
Mr B brought his bike tools, bike pump and of course international plug with him. He has been in constant demand for all of the above. The nearest bike shop is some kms from the hotel and as a consequence he has become Mr Popular as he has all the necessary gear with him, even down to his international charger - it's been a great way to get to know people!


  1. Go Caroline and Mr Popular!

  2. I hope the racers go well.. I'm so jealous that you're in Italy again.. have a great time and enjoy all the pleasures :)

  3. the best places to stay are tourist towns in the off season, i think. there's always a reason people love the town; it's not like the town goes to seed in the off times. i visited norway in february. it was great.

    good luck to everyone. do they put cappuccini at the aid stations? if they do, tell your peeps not to pour any over their helmuts or down their shirts.

  4. Hey, call me! What about to come here again? As you know we don't live far from there.