Monday, September 08, 2008

It Hurts Me!

This morning RPM was a killer after far too much over indulgence yesterday. I have also been suffering from a sore hamstring all day - the same spot as last year - not a good sign! Tonight I was a bit nervous as we headed for the oval after our warm-up loops round Parliament House. Our main set was 25 x 50metre sprints with a jog back between each. It was fun and being on the grassy oval was a bit gentler on the hamstring. I lasted the distance and enjoyed catching up with lots of people during the jog backs and the warm down at the end.

Total distance: 8km
Calories burned: 450

Now I need to stretch lots more!


  1. Don't worry about the stretches - just do the backwards figure-8s!

  2. Here I'd not run around the Parliament, too many dangerous people!