Saturday, September 06, 2008

Doing the Best I Can!

This morning Mr B and I left for our run a little later than usual and headed for some off-road hilly running. We ran past the AIS and through to parts of Lyneham and O'Connor Ridge and further. There were lots of hills but the off-road is so much better than the cycle paths where we had to start and finish. Of course the rough surface and the hills slowed down the pace but on the return Mr B took off and I ran as fast as I could to try to keep him in sight at least. It felt like a good work out and the second half was definitely much faster than the first.

Total distance: 14.12km
Time taken: 1:24:52
Average pace per km: 6mins exactly
Slowest km: 6:47 (up hill obviously)
Fastest km: 5:13 (in the 11th km)
Calories burned: 818

Happy Fathers' Day tomorrow to all those dads out there. On Wed Mr B leaves for Italy and ten days after that I follow him - not long now - woo hoo!!


  1. Have a good trip, catch up when you get back. Remember to do some running while away, easy on the pasta.

  2. Yes, easy on the pasta, but heavy on the gelato and cappuccinos.

    Leave plenty of space in the bags for shoes and presents :)

  3. have a wonderful trip. enjoy a cappuccino spa. i'm sure the froth does wonders for hill workouts.