Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Autumn in Canberra - Perfect!

This morning I went to the gym at the very civilised hour of 9.30am to take part in the Total Body Conditioning (TBC) class - gosh, it's tough. The first 30mins is cardio and this is followed by 30mins of squats, hips, butt and abs work and it HURTS. The class is taken by a blonde Canadian lady who doesn't stop for breath. I'm sure it does some good though, at least it will eventually.
It was another absolutely stunning Autumn day in the low 20's with bright sunshine and no wind, just perfect. Just as I was deciding it was time to go for a run my mobile beeped at me and Marg was asking if I had run yet cos she was in the area. Yay, I ran to meet her and had company for most of my 10km run. It was fantastic. We just talked and ran gently but it was fun and the conditions were ideal. I arrived home just as the sun disappeared and the light was growing dim - good timing!
Total distance: 10.37km
Time taken: 1:04
Average pace per km: 6:13 (oops, too much talking)
Calories burned: 615


  1. That's faster than we used to run! I must have talked too much.

  2. Great run, Strewth! Same here for the weather...perfect today.

    "Easy Virtue" is OK. Pleasant, but very slight on story. Looks good though. Ewen would fall asleep for sure!