Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday's Training and Less Than Two Weeks Left!

It's quite scary how fast this year has flown and knowing that there's now less than two weeks left until the marathon. Today was another lovely sunny Autumn day in Canberra. Let's hope this weather can stay for another couple of weeks at least!
This morning I followed CJ's exercise program at the gym trying to tone up the flabby bits!
This afternoon I went to early training at 4.30pm where I joined Ewen, David P and Miranda for an 8km warm-up down to the lake and round Kingston foreshore before the main session. The main session was similar to last week consisting of a warm-up lap of PH before heading for the undulating trails where we (18 of us now) ran a 933m loop fast three times with a slow run between which included two lots of exercises such as sit ups, push ups, stretches, chin ups or step ups. I opted for the sit ups, push ups and stretches. By the third fast loop the sun had gone down completely and it was quite dark as of course daylight saving has finished. We finished with a short warm down lap of PH.
Total distance (including warm-up): 15.3km

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  1. CJ's program should do the trick. It got rid of her flabby bits.

    I thought time would be crawling now you're retired!