Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to Training in Wintry Weather!

Brrrr - another freezing day in Canberra today. It barely reached 9deg outside and was very bleak and gloomy. I joined speedygeoff for the early start of training at Parliament House in order to fit in a bit more distance with company. It's always good to have company and makes the time go quicker. We ran 8km for a warm-up and although it was cold the wind had dropped and it wasn't too bad. I wore gloves, ear warmers and for the first time this season I wore leggings and was glad of them.
For the main session we had a few new people and a number of regulars weren't there, possibly because it was a public holiday in Canberra today in lieu of Anzac Day being on a Saturday this year. There were ten of us plus our speedyleader. We ran the warm-up lap of PH and then headed for the rose garden and ran 2 x 930m undulating loops at a reasonable pace with a slower lap between using the exercise options if desired on the way. It became too dark to run more than four laps so we then proceeded to the hill where we ran attrition runs. The slowest person was eliminated on each hill sprint. Of course I was the first person eliminated - I had no legs left!
We then ran a warm-up loop back to the start.
Distance of warm-up: 8km
Distance of training session: 7km
Total distance for day: 15km
Total calories burned: 875


  1. If you hadn't run one attrition hill sprint, somebody else would have run only one. So you made the others work harder. Good!

  2. You did that on purpose so you could watch all the 'fun'.