Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here comes another one - just like the other one!

Indeed, the conditions this morning were similar to yesterday although even colder and more bleak.It was blustery and barely 6deg with an even colder wind chill factor - not at all pleasant at the Vets' Handicap run this morning. For very brief moments during the hilly run the sun peeped through and there was a little warmth but it didn't last and after the run I became freezing again very quickly. However, it is always good to catch up with all my running buddies and see people I only see at those monthly runs.
Total distance: 8km
Handicap group: 19
Place: 63rd (out of 88)
Time taken: 48:42
Average pace per km: 6:05

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  1. Not the day to be exposing your crop-top for a 100th T-shirt!