Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last session at Dickson this season

The oval wasn't open tonight which meant there were no lights and the toilet block remained closed. In spite of the sudden cold change it was quite reasonable weather wise and we had enough natural light to see our way around the track.

We ran a long lap followed by a short lap as a warmup. Our main set was: 200m fast 200m slow, 400m fast, 400m slow, 600m fast, 600m slow, 400m fast, 400m slow, 200m fast/slow, 400m fast/slow and 200m fast/slow. We then did one more cooldown lap.
Total distance: 10.8km

Then to finish off Janene produced an enormous chocolate cake with cheesecake inside - just magnificent! This was to celebrate three recent birthdays in our group - Brett, Heidi and Bronwyn's 40th and also the fact that tonight is our last session at Dickson for the season. Next Thursday is the first week of track.
Photos from speedygeese dinner: Janene and Heidi; Bronwyn sporting her Disneyland Half Marathon medal

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  1. What? So I missed the cake? Cheesecake is my favourite!

    Did you jog down to Dickson to find a toilet?