Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Continuing the Taper

This morning I went to the gym for an upper body strength session including using the rowing machine. Then I took part in the 15mins abs class before joining some of the gym girls for brekkie at Black Pepper - lovely.
At 6pm I met up with Richard and Jen for a run but unfortunately Jen had to leave us as she had brought the wrong bag with her - the one without her running gear!
Colleen, William, Chris, Andy and Ewen had already run 3km but ran back to meet us at Parliament House before venturing out again for an 8km anti-clockwise loop of Central Basin at the lake. Richard, Andy and I ran an extra 2km loop of PH at the end to make the distance up to 10km. I wore my headlamp as it was dark when we ran but it was surprisingly warm for the time of day. Next week's forecast is a different story!
Total distance: 10km

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  1. It was almost as warm as it is in Singapore! Lucky the marathon is on Sunday week.