Monday, April 12, 2010

Speedygeese on Monday

There were 7 of us at the early session tonight for the 8km warm up and a cracking pace was set as all the other runners were fast. I managed to keep up although after the 4km turnaround Geoff dropped back to run with me as I was at the back although still keeping the others in sight.
Back at Parliament House we were joined by the others and ran a warm up loop of PH before the main set. There were 18 speedygeese for the main session and we did a similar session to last week, dividing into three teams of six to run three at a time in relays with very little break between taggings by our team member running down the diagonal and up the hill and across the flat on the grassy bank in front of PH for a solid 20 minutes. It was quite dark by the time we were 3/4 of the way through the session so I was glad of my headlight to light the way. We finished with a warm down wending in and up the loops and banks round PH and back to the carpark.
Total distance: 15km (including warm-ups)


  1. 19 including Richard.

    What amazes me is that you did the same gruelling warm-up session as I did then afterwards you were actually catching me for some of the intervals.

    Strewth you are getting speedy!

  2. How beautiful has to be to run with other friends. It helps to improve and not to think how hard the workout sometimes is.

  3. Yes, your headlight had Speedygeoff running scared that you'd catch him! Glad I missed the early "warm up"!

  4. Great fun on Sunday, Ruth! I'm so pleased I finally arrived there after the dramatic start to the drive down! Looking forward now to CRRF weekend

    Hope we can meet up for to the Expo Saturday afternoon & then cheer Ewen on in the 5km...or call out how slow he's runing!

  5. Correction for spelling! "Running". Oh dear! I'm slipping!