Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Navigating in the Dark!

Yesterday I joined speedygeoff, Ewen, Jen, Miranda, Craig and Andy for the early run at 4.30pm. At this stage I was feeling very lethargic and had already had three tablets for a nagging headache. The warm-up was difficult and slow. Andy was happy to run with me at the back of the pack but we did run a slight detour and lost sight of the others at about the half way point. However, we managed to return to Parliament House with time to spare for the 5.30pm session. Here we were joined by seven more speedygeese for the next warm up before the main set.
We were divided into two relay teams of six with Miranda and speedycoach being reserves in case anyone needed to pull out. We had three people in each team running at the same time using the diagonal grassy bank and the flagpoles in front of PH. There was very little rest before the next team member was tagged and it was a tough 20 minute workout. However, I felt a lot better for making the effort and found the fast running actually helped clear my head. We finished with another warm down loop of PH. At this stage it had become quite dark as we ran in and out of the trails. With daylight saving ended we will need to carry our spotlights next week to light our way.
Total distance: 14.78km

6.30am - Upper body strength work and abs works at gym
5.30pm - Run from home.
It was dark really early tonight as rain was threatening. However, the rain never eventuated and I was able to run with my spotlight lighting my way for the last half of the run when it had become really dark on the unlit paths. I was actually a bit nervous and think I will run in the lit pathways when I run on my own in future. My imagination was working overtime when I ran along long stretches of unlit cycle paths and my heart skipped a beat every time a cyclist or motorbike whizzed past.
I ran 15mins for a warm-up and then 5 x 4mins fast with 2 mins jog between each set. I followed this with a tempo 'nervous' run home!
Total distance: 13.44km
Time taken: 1:18:15
Average pace per km: 5:49
Calories burned: 784

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  1. We'll look after you in the dark tonight. I'll pack my miner's lamp!