Monday, April 19, 2010

Last speedygeese relay session

This afternoon I met up with Jen and Ewen prior to speedygeoff's training to run a short warm-up of 3km before the main session. We met up with the group at 5.30pm for a similar session to last Monday. We ran a couple of warm-up loops and then headed for the grassy bank in front of PH. Here we divided into three groups of six approximately and ran a 20 minute relay of 115m diagonals down the grassy bank, steep 100m uphills and 60m straight across the top after being tagged inbetween each section. We then ran a warm-down loop in and out the trails back to PH carpark using headlamps in the dark.
Distance including early warm-up: 10.4km


  1. Not to hard Strewth! You're going to have to be thinking about a decent taper soon ;)

  2. Enjoy your taper for the big day, Ruth!

    I'm really looking forward to cheering you over the finish line...not to mention spending up at the Expo!

  3. A decent taper sounds like a good idea. I vote we cut Saturday's 'long' run to 10k so we can start at a more civilised hour and still have plenty of coffee time :)

  4. Ignore Ewen, 16k is taper enough