Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour

I am struggling to type with a torch on one side of my battery operated laptop and a candle on the other giving me minimal light as it is currently Earth Hour and we have turned off the electricity throughout the house. It is eerily quiet with no television or music and everywhere in darkness.
This morning I started my run on my own from the War Memorial at 7.30am and headed down to the lake and back again and round the block until Ewen, Andy and Emma were ready to join me just after 8am. My first 5km on my own was cold and I wore a spray jacket but I felt quite warm by the time the others joined me and continued the run in a singlet top. I wore my new running shoes so wanted to avoid Mt Ainslie and the dusty trails there. Instead we ran back down to the lake and turned right running past the ferry terminal, round the museum and then on to a lovely trail running through the Uni grounds.
We turned at 15km and headed back the way we had come, meeting up with speedygeoff and Mary (who was just finishing her run). Speedygeoff joined us for a few kms and I also ran a few extra before returning to the War Memorial to meet the others for coffee.
Total distance: 26.3km
Time taken: 2hrs 51
Average pace per km: 6:32
Calories burned: 1527
Later this afternoon I joined speedygeoff to watch the gorgeous speedygoose Abi become married in the beautiful gardens of the Commonwealth Club. It was a really lovely ceremony.


  1. Enjoyed the run and the coffee... but it was a bit of a squeeze at the table ;) I think my strawberry tart beat Andy's vanilla slice.

  2. Got to run in the new shoes before the Marathon.

    Hope they settle in well for you, so you'll be able to come storming home.