Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vets' Handicap at Stromlo Forest Park

Ewen looks as though he's having far too good a time at the Vets' handicap this morning!

It was a great morning - cool, crisp and bright sunshine. There were lots of people at the run who I don't see often and it was a surprise when Jeni from Sydney turned up as she was in Canberra for the weekend. It was lovely too to catch up with Kerry and Kelley who are training some amazing distances in preparation for Kelley's 90km Comrades run in Sth Africa in May.

Part of today's run was around the big grassy loop of the track before we headed out on a dirt trail for a few kms then turned and headed back for a final loop of the grass. It was so much nicer on the grass than it was last season probably due to the rain. The grass was spongy and felt great underfoot. The dirt trail was a bit rough and I did witness one person having a fall flat on his face. He stopped for a moment to recover before resuming the run. I imagine there were a few near misses on the trail and the course was undulating but that is to be expected on a vets course.

Handicap group: 24

Finish place: 77 (out of 104)

Distance: 8km

Time taken: 46:17

Average pace per km: 5:47

Total distance with warm up: 9km

Total distance for first week of taper: 74km

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That's some good air. Definitely running with both feet of the ground ;) Might take up the high jump again!

    But bugger... if I hadn't done that I would have run 46:16 instead of 46:25.