Monday, March 28, 2011

Only Two Weeks to Marathon!

This morning I rose early and went to a cross training session at the gym which involved abs work, lunges and boxing - a good cardio session in fact. I then managed to get into a one hour remedial massage which was painful but amazing. I have another booked for next Monday.
The problem however was that at tonight's Parliament House session I felt rather sore and sluggish. I joined everyone for the warm up laps of PH at 5.30pm and while they were running hills I headed down to the lake and was joined by Ewen, Nadine and Andy for a flat gentle run. The sun was shining and the lake was beautiful, rather different from the wet conditions last Monday. It was very pleasant and my legs felt much better by the end of the run.

Total distance: 9.3km

Tomorrow is a rest day so I plan to go for a swim.

Photo: A kiss for the bride - speedygoose Abi and Will's wedding on Saturday

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  1. Perfect timing with the photo. You must be taking lessons from John Kennedy. The celebrant looks like a one-day cricket umpire ;)