Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meeting Daniel James

Good friend speedygoose Jen produced a beautiful baby boy, Daniel James - 7lb 7oz -at 4am on Monday. She was home by 10am and meeting friends for coffee and shopping the next day! This morning, after my abs class and strength work at the gym, I drove out to visit Jen and little Daniel in her home. She is a beautiful relaxed mum and Daniel is just gorgeous. We went for a walk to the shops and enjoyed a coffee together. Daniel just slept through the entire exercise. He is alert and absolutely perfect. I enjoyed lots of cuddles and had a lovely day with both of them.

This evening I ran with Ewen and Chris on our usual route from Parliament House to the War Memorial. Just before I left home black clouds threatened and sure enough, after a lovely sunny day, the heaavens opened. However, by the time I arrived at PH the rain had stopped and the sun had come out again. In fact while we were running, although there was some wind, it was really quite warm and pleasant - strange Canberra weather!

Total distance: 11.5km

Time taken: 1:16

Average pace per km: 6:36


  1. He's yawning - like you were last night after our run! Must be bored.

    Still torn between 'DJs' and 'Dan the Man' for a name.

  2. He's cute. Very cute. But Jen is welcome to the sleepless nights. Been there, done that. I look forward to meeting him.