Friday, April 01, 2011

Last spiral handicap at the track

After a cold start to the day this afternoon turned into a stunning sunny Autumn day, a perfect day for a long walk with Teddy.

Last night however was definitely cold for the track events. I arrived an hour early for my event and went for a run out of the stadium and along the cycle track past the nature park (which was very dark) and down to the main road heading for the city where I turned and headed back to the track and ran a couple of loops before lining up for the start of the last spiral handicap for the season.

I ran off Group 28 with about 26 other participants. During the warm up I felt sluggish but once I started the spiral I felt fine. I didn't take my jacket off until just before I started as it was really cold. This was actually of benefit, as it's much preferable to run in the cold than the heat. It doesn't take long to build up a sweat! Tonight was a 7 lap spiral and I passed a number of people and managed to come in 3rd place overall keeping just ahead of Helen who finished in 4th place Audrey in 5th and Nadine in 11th. By my calculations Helen should win the pointscore by a narrow margin over Nadine and all things being equal I should place third in the women. However, the results are not yet on the website so that is yet to be confirmed. I was still happy with my time however which is a PB for me for the 7 lap spiral - yay!

Distance of spiral (according to gandalf): 2.94km Time taken: 14:18 Average pace per km: 4:51 Handicap group: 28 Finish place: 3rd Total distance including warm-up: 9km

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  1. I think gandalf is pretty right on this one - 4.51/k is fast! Bronze would match your bronze from the WAG fun run today :)