Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tapering makes me hungry!

There is no rhyme nor reason to being more hungry during taper time. I haven't gone to the gym this week and I'm running less so where is the logic? I just feel like eating all the time. It's not good. Tomorrow I start carbo loading. At this rate I will look like an elephant at the start line!

Monday was a scheduled rest day and in the morning I had a remedial massage. It was painful but it was good pain and at the masseur's recommendation I returned in the afternoon to see Craig, the physio, who strapped my lower back and left hamstring with bright blue tape, a new sort of tape which stretches with the body. Hopefully it will be successful in keeping me upright on the big day!

Yesterday I ran 40mins with taped leg for the first time. It felt a bit strange to start but soon I couldn't notice it. The only downside seems to be that my right glute feels left out and is giving me some trouble now. All the joys of marathon week I expect where every niggle seems enormous!


Total distance: 6.6km

Time taken: 40mins

Average pace per km: 6:09

Wednesday This morning I decided to kill two birds with one stone and took Teddy with me to run my scheduled 45minutes. He was pretty good apart from all the distractions on the way, such as other dogs and interesting lamp posts. Then it was a tug of war keeping him beside me. Total distance: 7km Time taken: 46mins Average pace per km: 6:35 (a bit tricky to run with Teddy but he will get better)!

Four sleeps to go!!


  1. From one elephant to another(!) we need to keep eating and keep tapering. By 30+km on Sunday we'll appreciate both!

  2. At least elephants never forget how to run. Not long now!