Monday, April 11, 2011

Proud to be a Griffin!

What a weekend! Yes, I achieved Griffin status which means I am now one of only five females who have run ten Canberra Marathons. I felt truly happy and proud to join Liz and Pam on the stage after the marathon on Sunday to be presented with our Griffin certificates. In due course we will receive singlets and t-shirts. Next year we will be able to run as Griffins!

On Sunday it rained on and off for the entire duration of the marathon. In the afternoon when it was all over the sun came out! However, the temperature was pleasantly cool at 12degrees and the rain kept the dehydration at bay. The half marathon started at the same time which made a field of over 2,200 competitors. Mr B ran in the half. CJ was injured and unable to run but she kept Ewen company on cheersquad duties. In fact the support out there was phenomenal in spite of the weather. Nadine and Brett were taking photos and supplying jellybeans, Margaret was out there with her camera as was Kerrie with hers. I spotted lots of friends from the running community and lots of familiar faces in both the half and full marathon. I met lots of new friends. It was a great day and a number of us enjoyed a lovely lunch later at the war memorial cafe.

We were not permitted to supply our own drinks this year but because of the weather it didn't actually cause me any problems. I took the water at every drink station and carried two Guus in my pockets. Ewen handed me one at the 25km mark.

I must admit that when I ran for just 20 minutes on Saturday I was, to put it mildly, worried. Everything hurt - my hamstring, my ankle, even my calf muscles. I thought if I felt like that at the start of the marathon I was in big trouble.

As it happened the endorphins took over, adrenalin set in and when the run started I went with the flow. There was nothing else I could do but run, run and keep on going through the rain, the slight wind in parts and the buzz of conversation around me. I didn't plug in my music until I was into my rhythm and there was nobody to chat to as I didn't want to miss any of the atmosphere and fun.

When we were well on our way Tori appeared from under the bridge and ran with me for nearly 10km. She was so encouraging, making me run faster, change my gait and aim for somebody in front of me to pass. It certainly helped the kms go by. She left me to try to catch Roger and I saw her later running with Kelley. She was great.

On the long boring stretch on Parkes Way speedycoach came running up beside me. He had already run the half marathon in 94mins and was running his cool down. Wow - he's amazing! He ran with me for a short while then ran with Rob Ey before returning to his car.

My hamstring was strapped by the physio on Friday but it gave me a lot of twinges and certainly was hurting quite a lot later in the run. However, I was absolutely determined not to give in to it. This tenth run was very important to me.

When I reached the 40km mark I suddenly felt quite emotional. I realised what I was about to achieve and that I was definitely going to make it. I suddenly felt on an incredible high. I spotted Chris out there and felt like jumping up and down with excitement at being so close to my goal. That long stretch before the final corner did not seem so bad this year. I knew I was going to do it. I felt fantastic. I heard people cheering not realising it was my own family there on the home strait. I ran over the finish line and achieved goal number two. I finished with a smile!

My son, daughter and grandchildren were there to greet me. Mr B had run his half marathon and was waiting to give me a hug. I felt overwhelmed and incredibly happy. I did it! I ran my first Canberra marathon at 50 and my tenth Canberra marathon at 60. I had achieved what I had set out to do. I was content!

Total distance: 42.195km

Time taken: 4:12:52 (6mins faster than last year)

Average pace per km: 5:59

Fastest km (22nd km): 4:52

Place overall: 683 (out of 943 finishers)

Place in age group: 3rd

Calories burned: 2,534


  1. A couple of comments - first of all, I tried the HighFive at the first drink station and went "Eeeerr" and didn't touch it after that. I would have (reluctantly) if I were doing the full marathon, but I felt disinclined to do so in only a half.
    Secondly, "Mr B" had a really excellent run in the half marathon, please pass on my congratulations.
    And huge congratulations to you for completeing your tenth Canberra marathon.
    And I want to highlight the fact that you were third W60! Wow!

  2. WELL DONE! Wow - A Griffin, no less. I am super impressed! [miranda]

  3. Glad that you aimed and achieved Griffin status. Well done and you can hold your head high after that achievement.

  4. Well done, 10 done in Canberra, that's many more than me.

  5. Yey us! It was fabulous to do 10 Canberra marathons on the same day as you and Pam.

  6. As Katy said, Congratulations Streffin!

    Nice running to break the 6-minute barrier in your 10th Canberra... but I told you it was 5:59.57 per km pace, not 5:59 ;)

    And CJ was cheering? Every time I looked she had her head buried in her iPhone tweeting.