Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunshine means fun times!

Yesterday I wrote a post and the whole lot disappeared which means I have to try to remember what I said. That's a worry! This has been a perfect weekend weather-wise and I can only hope it is just as beautiful next weekend for the marathon weekend. Saturday
I met Emma and Ewen at the War Memorial at 8.30am (woo hoo - a little sleep-in) for a gentle last longish run. We ran to the marathon start at Telopea Park, at my request and from there on through the wetlands and back to the War Memorial via Molonglo Reach. At 13km gandalf went stone cold blank as I had forgotten to charge him after Thursday's track night - grrr! This meant we had to estimate the remaining distance from previous runs and from our time. I think we should be fairly close.

Distance with garmin: 13:36

Time taken for this distance: 1:25:31

Average pace per km: 6:24

Total distance for day: 17km

My legs felt like lead - no oomph at all. I was completely sluggish - not good! Later we enjoyed coffee at the cafe with Liz and later still, after collecting my shoe chip for today's run, Mr B and I took Teddy for a lovely walk round the bridges over the lake in the bright sunshine.

Sunday - Women's and Girls' Fun Run
This morning daylight saving ended and we thus gained an extra hour's sleep, in theory! The fun run started at 9am which was very civilized. There were 875 finishers, a bit lower in numbers due to a lot of other events happening, but it was a resounding success with many women and girls of all abilities taking part.

The start of the race is always a bit of a challenge as it's very narrow and difficult to pass people. However I entered with no serious intent as this was just a training run with company really! I certainly didn't want to push too hard with the big event just next weekend!
I ran a 2km warm up, 1km of it with Liz, which was lovely. Distance: 5km Official time: 28:24 Garmin time: 28:01 Net time: 27:58 (I'll take this one!) Place overall: 158th (out of 875) Place in age group: 3rd (out of 28) Average pace per km: 5:35
This afternoon Mr B and I took our grandchildren to the model railway exhibition at the local high school. It was fantastic. We all loved it!

Photo by speedygeoff: strewth and Liz


  1. Hope all goes well with the Marathon, and I bet when you cross the line you'll have a large smile, and a feeling of elation..

  2. You said you were going to jog the WAGs' 5k as part of the taper. Bad girl!

  3. A bet, Friar? I'll bet on a miss grumpypants. Name your odds.