Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Week in Review!

Monday 18 April
6.30am - 50mins upper body strength and abs work at the gym
5.30pm - speedygeese training at Parliament House
My hamstring was still sore and tight but I decided I needed to try a proper training session after a week of very easy running. We started with a warm-up loop of PH before heading for a grassy slope for some hill training. This consisted of 20 x 100m hill repeats and a jog back down to run the next one within 90secs. It was tough and I didn't push too hard but at least I managed every one which pleased me. This was followed by a warm down loop of PH.

There were only a few of us at training, probably a number were affected by the school holidays. However, a surprise visitor was Thea who ran the hills well. She also surprised us with the exciting news of her engagement, which actually happened in January. She is good at keeping secrets! Woo hoo - lovely news indeed:)
Total distance: 7.7km
I am looking after my 8 year old grandaughter Talia, for a few days in the school holidays and this morning we went to see Rio in 3D at the movies. It was lots of fun.

Tuesday 19 April
I just ran a short run of 6km this morning before collecting Talia for the day. It was not a comfortable run and my leg hurt far more than last night.
Talia and I met up with Jen and her boys at Questacon. We had a really fun time.

Wednesday 20 April
- 15mins abs class at the gym
7.15am - 45mins upper body strength work
Talia and I had a lovely day, spending some time in the morning buying craft materials and visiting the chocolate shop and the afternoon making Easter baskets and baking.
6pm - I ran from Parliament House with Ewen and Chris on a really pleasant evening. Earlier it had rained and I wasn't looking forward to the run. However, the evening was still and the rain had stopped. It was a lovely run.
Total distance: 9km

Thursday 21 April
Today I decided to kill two birds with one stone and took Teddy on my run with me. The first 2km were a struggle as he wanted to keep pulling over to stop and was easily distracted by dogs and interesting smells on the way. After that he found it easier just to run with me and was actually quite good. It was the furthest he had actually run with me without stopping.
Total distance: 8km

Saturday 23 April
None of my runs have been very long this week as I'm trying to keep my hamstring in one piece! This morning I ran from home and along the cycle track towards Gungahlin, just 5km out and 5km back listening to music. It was cold and crisp but later it turned into a beautiful sunny day.
Total distance: 10km
Time taken: 62mins
Average pace per km: 6:14
Calories burned: 589

Tomorrow I'm meeting Andy at the lake for another short run after his return from the UK. Next weekend I will pick up my distances hoping to be able to take part in the half marathon on 22 May.
Currently my daughters are in travel mode. They have both just left for overseas trips. One is in Vanuatu for a week and the other has just arrived in Paris. This is a good time to travel to warmer weather.

I wish you all a very happy and safe Easter weekend.


  1. Wow I am the first!!!
    I see you had a busy week.
    Have a good running Easter. I hope to see you again in Italy.

  2. I imagine Andy would have been struggling after all those bangers and mash/warm beers in the UK.

    Enjoy the chocolate - next week we return to serious training!

  3. Sounds like a good, modest return to training post marathon. Good on you! Is the race in Vanuatu next or ?