Saturday, April 16, 2011

The after effects!

Photos (with thanks to Ewen): Pam, Liz and strewth become Griffins Strewth and CJ on Marathon Eve Lunchtime celebrations after Marathon
Marathon weekend was big. Somehow in all the furore I forgot to mention how much I appreciate the support of all my friends and family. I have some very special friends and a wonderful husband. Mr B has always been there to support me when I used to dabble in triathlons and throughout my running career. He has in the last 6 years gone on to excel in his own running and triathlon adventures. In the half marathon in the Running Festival he achieved a time of 1:43. His goal is to complete a half in under 100mins and his PB is 1:41 so he is now aiming to improve in the next one. My son has also started running and hopes to complete a marathon himself before too long.

Since the marathon on Sunday I have had a couple of not very memorable runs. Basically they were painful and slow. I had a massage on Wednesday which felt great afterwards. Then on Thursday I ran from home for 7km. It was very slow and also very uncomfortable. My hamstring hurt even though I ran in compression tights. I couldn't wait for the run to end. This morning I met Ewen at the war memorial and ran with him for another slow painful 12km. The time is too slow to record and it hurt all the way. Thank goodness the company was good and the conversation kept my mind off the pain. The coffee later was great and we spotted Thea running past the cafe and managed to call her in to join us which was fantastic. I am concerned that my recovery is so slow this year. Next week I may have to pay another visit to the physio. Today was Teddy's (my labradoodle) first birthday and later this afternoon I took him for a long walk/run. The running part hurt but he loved it so much. Tomorrow I am on roster duty at the Veteran's handicap run - just as well, as it's all hills!


  1. Happy birthday Teddy!

    Looks like a nice day out there - must get out and run - should be perfect by midday :)

  2. Hope you are starting to feel less sore and ready to jog easy. So ... what's next? Vanuatu or something before that?

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I am new to your blog..and I love it! =0

  4. Have a nice Easter weekend!

  5. Congrats to the Griffin! This team now is a myth.

  6. Doesn't Sherri look like Jen's more attractive identical twin sister?