Friday, January 16, 2015

A Few Undulations and a Zippy Little Car!

Here it is Friday again already and another weekend approaches. Today I had a full day shift at work and used it as my rest day from training apart from Day 16 of the January challenge which I have been following daily. Today included a 90second plank, crunches, leg extensions, superman and dips - all good for strength.
On Wednesday I completed my middle distance run - 17km including the Lake Ginninderra loop and the long way there and back from home. I started early in the morning to allow plenty of time to prepare for work. It was pretty slow in spite of not having run the day before.
Yesterday evening, Thursday, I ran fartlek on rolling hills selecting North Lyneham Ridge which is off-road and definitely undulating, a total of 10km. I spotted a few cows but only a couple of runners on the trails.! After that run I detoured home to collect Teddy and take him out for another 2km extra run as my additional aerobic exercise for the day, making a total of 12km.
Excitingly I also collected my brand new car yesterday - cornflower blue - a little VW Polo. I love it!

Loving my Car!

It feels like the country so close to suburbia!


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    1. It is indeed. I'm really enjoying it Janene.

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    1. Haha very observant Ewen. At least I'll never forget my number plate.

  3. Very cute car! Every now and then I wonder if I should have picked up a Mazda 2 instead of my Ford Focus, as the 2 really was a lot of fun to drive - I'm sure the Polo would be a blast too! :)

    1. Hi Cecilia, I'm loving my little car. I had a Golf before but this is really fun to drive.

  4. How's the new car going Ruth? And your running? Did you run long today? Wasn't it hot and humid?! Ugh!! I paced my run by the time/distance between water bubblers!