Sunday, January 04, 2015

Another Canberra hot summer's day!

During 2014 I enjoyed taking part in the 5km Parkrun which falls at 8am every Saturday morning.
I don't run it every week as I enjoy having company on my long runs which often means a clash with Parkrun. However, yesterday I ran Parkrun at Gungahlin (my home run is Ginninderra) and found lots of different fellow parkrunners there. It was stinking hot at that time which resulted in a slower time than I would have liked but I will give that course another go later in the year as it is flatter than my home run.
A long run was therefore on the schedule for today and I decided to run at Lake Burley Griffin which I haven't done for months, Ewen accompanied me on the last 10km of my 23km run which I started in the cool at 6.45am. However by the time we met up the temperature had soared resulting in a very slow time over all. Maybe I need to start even earlier to avoid this problem.
Ewen and I spotted lots of familiar faces out there including some friends who are in training for the Paris Marathon in April. In the early part of my run I also spotted lots of cute bunnies. I know they are a pest but I do love them.
This afternoon we had a little relief from the high temperatures when the stormy grey clouds actually produced some much needed rain!



  1. Good job doing LBG in this heat! I like the trails when it's hot as there is more shade and they don't radiate heat like the bitumen/cement does.

  2. Well done Ruth, now we can know what's you are doing. Didn't have a clue for last 12 months.

  3. You're back!
    Will you be back again?
    Nice fotos. There are bunnies everywhere in Acton at present.

  4. You did get a photo of the bunnies! Chasing them for one would be good speedwork :) I'll carb up before the next long run, but I've run out of mini christmas cakes and rum balls :(