Sunday, January 11, 2015

Greening up Canberra!

Today it rained and rained and rained! However, there was no thunder or lightning and it obviously wasn't going to ease off in a hurry. A long run was on my schedule so it had to be done! Out I went to face the elements starting off in a spray jacket which really didn't protect me much at all. I ran down to and round Lake Ginninderra and  then ran back towards the tunnel to Gungahlin. The entrance to the tunnel was completely flooded so I did a slight detour to continue on to Nicholls where I ran round the lake there and promptly lost my bearings. As anybody who knows me well would understand I have no sense of direction. Thank goodness for mobile phones. I made a call to Margaret who lives in that area and she set me in the right direction to head towards home. I had run further than I intended and by the time I finished had completed 30.33km. Talk about a drowned rat - I was so drenched. One thing about running in the rain it keeps you cool. I had no problems with overheating today.

Everywhere was so green and the ducks were loving the new little lakes created by puddles, supposedly just for them. There were intricate cobwebs woven on the trees at Lake Ginninderra and the drains were overflowing with water. My shoes and socks were sodden as there were many puddles I could not avoid so I splashed through them instead. It was a slow run but time on my legs must be a good thing.

Late in the afternoon the rain finally eased and I took Teddy out for a brisk walk to fulfil Day 11 of speedygeoff's January challenge. I didn't forget to balance on one leg and touch my toes too.

This evening Mr B and I enjoyed a delightful French movie at the cinema and I didn't fall asleep!

With LL after the Bowral Parkrun.

Finishing the Bowral Parkrun yesterday (photo courtesy of Ewen)

Flooded drains

speedyducks enjoying their new puddles

pretty cobwebs



  1. Sometimes running in the rain is real fun especially at this time of year when it's not cold.

  2. The water on that bikepath would make a good triathlon swim leg!