Saturday, January 31, 2015

ACT Veteran's Athletics Handicap and other events

On Sunday the first monthly handicap of the  year was held at Campbell Park. It was a new out and back.course this year.  It was a bit rough in parts but there were only a couple of tough hills and it wasn't too bad although it was rather hot and muggy. I had been re-handicapped several groups due to winning a silver medal at the last handicap of the year in November which meant that from Group 23 I had little chance of placing in the top half. In fact I came in at 76th which was a pretty poor effort. I didn't walk at all but I guess my pace was pretty slow, probably due to tired legs perhaps after yesterday's very long 34km run. The longer run for the handicap was only 6km so was over fairly quickly!
It was fun catching up with everyone and a group of us enjoyed great coffee afterwards in Ainslie.
This brought my total distance for the week to 81km.

Campbell Park Handicap - that's me at the back!

There are less than 11 weeks to go until the Canberra Marathon and this week is my easy week.
On Tuesday I took Teddy with me on a gentle 10km run from home. The temperatures this week are much cooler than we have been experiencing lately. Running is much more pleasant!

Wednesday I managed a slightly faster pace for a 12km mid week run. It feels a bit strange not running further for my middle distance run but I'm sticking to the shorter distances this week to freshen the legs.

On Thursday I entered the 1500m fitness walk at track and the 10,000m run championships. I needed some distance but wondered if I should perhaps have just stuck to the 3,000m at the beginning of the evening. However, my late arrival time made my decision for me and 10,000m it had to be, a bit of a last minute decision!  Ewen lap scored for me and I finished in 57:20 managing to come in ahead of three others. It's always debatable when I start as to whether I will come in last so that was a relief! I wore my newest Hoka Cliftons making a spur of the moment decision to ring Mr B to bring them to me and changing out of my track shoes. I'm not sure if they helped or hindered but I did have a sore foot and thought perhaps it was better not to feel the ground too much. There was a nasty head wind on one side of the track which may have slowed me a little. As I started my last 400m I made Bryan my target. He was just ahead of me and as I came into the final strait we were neck and neck and I put on a sprint. What I didn't realise was that he had another lap to go but at least he made me push myself at the end! Because it was a championship event and I was the only female in my age group I scored a gold medal! Woo hoo!

On Friday I just went to a Body Balance class at the gym and took Teddy for his daily walk which I made a bit longer than usual, but no running was involved. Instead Mr B and I went to see Still Alice at the movies in the afternoon - a moving and thought provoking experience.

This morning (Saturday) Dave and I decided to join Margaret at the Gungahlin Parkrun instead of our local one. After only a 1km warm up my legs felt stiff and sore. However they loosened up a bit during the run and in fact I managed a 35sec PB for that particular course finishing in 28:02. I still can't beat my PB from Ginninderra but one day perhaps! The conditions were ideal this morning - cool, crisp and not windy. Later Marg, Mr B and I headed for the local Italian café and enjoyed great coffee, food and the excellent company of  Julia, Janene and Gregg, a very pleasant interlude indeed.

Mr B at Parkrun
Parkrunners at Gungahlin

Marg racing to the finish while very speedy Janene does her cool down!


  1. I'm not sure 10000m on the track is much of a leg 'freshener' but it sure didn't hamper your speedy Gunners PB. Inspiring as always Ms Speedy R :-)

  2. Thanks Janene. That's very sweet of you. xx

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  4. Congratulations on winning the 10,000m! :) And also for picking up a parkrun PB - all in the same week!

  5. Good photo. You don't look like you're walking at all!