Tuesday, November 06, 2007

After the Weekend - Cross country series begins

Monday - speedygeoff's running group at Parliament House
As we didn't return from a fantastic weekend (in spite of generally inclement weather) at the South Coast until 4.45pm it was a bit of a rush to make it to training at 5.30pm - no hope of making it to the early start. We ran our usual warm-up laps and then ran five intervals (plus a trial lap of the course) of 670m on an undulating circuit including one nasty little hill. We started each interval every five minutes. Those hills were a bit painful. We finished with a warm down lap.
Distance: 8.4km
Calories burned: 500

Tuesday - Cross country - start of Spring series - 6pm
Location: Boat House, Menindee Drive
Distance: 5km (plus warm up and cool down giving total distance of 10km)
Time taken: 26mins
Average pace per km: 5:08
Calories burned: 300

Tonight was the first of the Spring series cross country runs. As it was a public holiday in Canberra for Melbourne Cup Day (ok, they're calling it Family and Community Day) I had a nice relaxing day (including a very nice lunch) and collected Rachelle on the way through from home. I had a little flutter on the cup and chose the winning horse - yay, a very exciting win, but I saved the champagne until after the run tonight!


  1. Family & Community Day? Oh please. Ignore me. I'm just jealous we didn't have a public holiday!

  2. family and community day? that's painful. that sounds like a cheesy day arranged by a primary school for parents and grandparents.

    ah betting with the family and community.

    they should have called it Get Off Your Bum and Run With Stewth Day. It just rolls off the tongue.

    you are a calorie arsonist!

  3. You forgot to mention that you were 2nd in your age-group! Woohoo!

    You'll be a 14-something 3k track runner before long.

    Don't forget to have a chocolate for me ;)