Thursday, November 22, 2007

We should be glad it rained but .....................

Monday 19 November
6.15am – Gym – Fitball

4.30pm – Early warm-up - speedygeoff’s training – Parliament House
5.30pm – Main training session
Total distance: 13.8km
Calories burned: 820

I managed to run in the early warm-up session with Ewen and Geoff. We ran up and round the course and then down to the lake and for a gentle 6.5km run.

The main session consisted of the following (borrowed from speedygeoff’s blog)

Lower level - bitumen path - 4 x 40 secs on 2 minutes, alternating directions-2 minute break
Middle level - gravel path - 4 x 40 secs on 2 minutes, alternating directions -2 minute break Higher level - dirt (was grass) path - 4 x 40 seconds on 2 minutes, alternating directions.

It was a really hot night but fortunately we were not too far from water and the company was good. We finished with a warm-down lap of PH.

Tuesday 6.15am – Gym

I couldn’t run in the Cross Country tonight as I had to attend a work function but I wasn’t too sorry as the temperature soared to 33degrees today!

Wednesday 5pm – Run with Ewen
We decided to run gently and for a shorter distance tonight for two reasons, the main one being that we were both planning to run the 10,000m at the track tomorrow and the other being that I had a Vets’ sub-committee meeting to attend at 7.30pm. However, there was a very strong head wind on the way out and we chose to walk for a short distance after the 5km mark. It was decidedly pleasant just walking and talking too. During our outward run near the carillon we spotted a bright orange bunny. There were a number of bunnies but this one looked like it had been crossed with a marmalade kitten. It was so cute and distinctive. I was sorry I didn’t have my camera although it moved rather fast. We ran the return trip via Regatta Point so that we could spot some of my young workmates at the start of their Boot Camp session and give them an encouraging wave.

Total distance: 9.1km
Time taken: 55:28
Average pace per km: 6:05
Calories burned: 530

This afternoon it rained solidly and steadily. It took me twice as long as usual to drive home through very very deep puddles of water and avoiding crazy drivers. I prepared for our track event and listened for cancellations - none broadcast. The rain was coming down steadily but veteran runners are hardy creatures and I thought the race would still go ahead. Ewen travelled from the other side of town and at 6.45pm messaged me at home, where I was still debating as to whether to brave the elements, to say that the gates were locked and the track was cancelled. I assume there must have been some flooding as it had rained for several hours. No doubt the full story will be revealed. I felt sorry for Ewen especially as I know he was looking forward to the 10km run tonight. We had both organised our "speedy" lap counter. It is very rare for the track to be cancelled completely so I will be interested to hear what happened and who made the final decision. I had an unexpected "rest" day as I deliberately allowed myself an extra hour's sleep this morning so that I could be fresh for the run. And now the rain has stopped!


  1. The 10k has been rescheduled for 6 December - see ACTVAC NEWS. Good thing too because it is a pain going through all the preparations for a big race then having it cancelled.

  2. It was good rain eh? We do need it.

    The track wasn't flooded when I saw it. I'm thinking the club decided there wouldn't have been enough money through the gate to justify hiring the ground.

    See you shortly for another decidedly pleasant run :)