Thursday, November 01, 2007

Track session at the AIS

Tonight was my first track session this season and of course, being a Thursday night, it rained gently but steadily during the 5 lap spiral but it was pleasant and cooling and quite welcome really. I do enjoy the social side of track season. It's lovely to have an opportunity to catch up with lots of people in-between events. I even met another kiwi tonight - a brand new starter to the track.

Events entered
3000m (3km) handicapped according to age
Time taken: 15:29
Average pace per km: 5:07
Calories burned: 180

5 lap spiral
Total distance: 2km
Time taken: 10:30
Average pace per km: 5:07
Calories burned: 122
Handicap group: 30
Place: 19th

Hey, at least I'm consistent! As this is my first track session I hope to improve. My goal is to run 3km in under 15mins. However it won't happen before Christmas as I'm in Hobart next Thursday so will miss another track session dammit!


  1. Ho ho ho!

    Another escapee. Hey, you're not a kiwi!

  2. hobart? you're missing a track session for hobart? i just like to write hobart. say it en franc(squigle)ais...obarh. or just break it down. hob art. dogs playing poker is hob art.

    i'm sure it'll be great to get away from pee-ewen.