Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chocolate slows me doooown!!

Wednesday 7 November
Run after work
Ewen met me at the office and we ran around the East Basin of the lake via the ferry terminal and on past Molonglo Reach - no sign of our swans this afternoon. They must have sought shelter from the headwind which we battled on the way out. We still saw our bunnies running rapidly across the path on our way to Molonglo. I wouldn't have liked to be swimming in the lake today - definitely a tad undulating! (Can water be undulating??) The return journey was calmer but we had lost a little time by then - not a problem really as it gave us more time to catch up on the goss!
Distance: 16.35km
Time taken: 1hr 40mins
Average pace per km: 6:07
Calories burned: 970

It was just as well I burned a few calories on this run as I consumed a few more than I used over the next few days when I was in Hobart for a Training Awards Night. A few of us stayed on until yesterday afternoon and had a wonderful time on a boat cruise, visiting the chocolate factory, eating far too much chocolate and exploring the Salamanca Markets. Far too much food was consumed and absolutely no running took place!

Sunday - Slow Run
Yes indeed, Mr B accompanied me on a painfully slow run from home to North Lyneham Ridge and on over O'Connor Ridge up and down hills and trails - normally a lovely run but I suffered every step of the way. I felt exceptionally slow, everything hurt and the last few days of over-indulgence really showed - oh dear, back to the drawing board tomorrow and I must not look at all that chocolate which I somehow managed to bring back cos it was such a bargain!!
Distance: 10.14km
Calories burned: 560
And I won't even go there when it comes to the time taken!!

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  1. Of course all that chocolate had to be bought - it was such a bargain!

    You're always good for goss ;)