Sunday, November 18, 2007

Struggling in Canberra's Heatwave!

I can't believe I just typed an entire week's blog and lost the lot! I have no idea what button I pressed but I just lost the lot - aaaaaaaaaaaaah! I thought Blogger was supposed to save drafts but only one word is there so i have to start again and now I'm cranky - grrrr!
Tuesday 13 November
Morning - 6.15am - gym
This was tough after a week's break.

After work 6pm - Cross Country Run
Location: Weston Park
Distance: 5km (plus 3km warm down)
Time taken: 27:13
Average pace per km: 5:36
Temperature: 30degrees
I found this tough in the hot temperature. The location was great, the company excellent but I struggled in the heat and was not pleased with my time which was more than a minute slower than last week.

Wednesday 14 November
Morning - 6.15am - Gym
Spin/Cycle class followed by 15mins abs

After work - 5.15pm - Run with Ewen
Distance: 16km
Time taken: 1:41:27
Average pace per km: 6:20
Calories burned: 895

We ran from work, down to the ferry terminal at the lake and past Molonglo covering the East Basin and back via Kingston. It was extremely hot to start and a struggle at first but the return journey was more pleasant. We saw lots and lots of bunny rabbits and noticed that our black swans had moved location from the carillon to further down the lake.

Thursday - Track
I had an extra 45mins sleep this morning as I met CJ and Mr B for brekkie - lovely. The 3000m event at the track was still run at a very hot time of day and my running suffered accordingly.
Time taken: 15:56
Average pace per km: 5:23

Later in the evening I ran the 6 lap spiral handicap event which I really enjoy. The temperature had dropped a bit and it was much more pleasant.
Distance: 2.5km
Time taken: 13:13
Average pace per km: 5:18

Saturday - Run - 7.30am
Location: Molonglo Reach and round base of Mt Ainslie etc
Distance: 16.7km
Time taken: 1:45:44
Average pace per km: 6:20
Calories burned: 962

There was quite a large group there this morning, my first run out there this season. It was a good time of day to run as the temperature increased during the day. Ewen was kind enough to run with me at the back of the pack. At first I found it difficult as I'm out of practice at running at that time of day. We walked a little on some of the hills but ran slowly on most of the course. Later we all shared morning tea and perused Liz and Cathy's photos from their amazing trek in Tasmania earlier in the year - inspirational stuff. It was a good morning. In the afternoon I had a hot stone massage (a gift voucher that needed to be used). It was an amazing experience - I loved it - a full hour which just flew by - beautiful.

Today, Sunday, I made a trip to the Runners' Shop and bought not one pair, but TWO pairs of running shoes - a racing pair for the track (hope it helps me run faster - I'll try anything) and a medium light pair for training - how exciting! Then later in the day I spent a decadent few hours over lunch and coffee with running friends in a very civilized manner in the middle of the sunny city. What stunning weather. Later still there was a thunder storm and it rained - perfect!


  1. Ruth cranky? Never!

    Sometimes when creating posts, "backspace" will suddenly remove everything, then blogger happily saves the new empty post. I think it would be good if the automatice save could be disabled. I avoid using "backspace". And because I write long posts I also save my own backup (I copy the html, not the "compose"d data) especially when downloading pictures.

    It is always good weather for the spiral. I don't know why such a "non-event" gets the best time slot of the evening.

    Don't feel sorry for Ewen, you probably made him run faster than he wanted to, just to keep up with you.

  2. How can speedygeoff say that a spiral is a non-event, I think it is the best event of the night. I would rather chase the front markers in a handicap than run with the same runners around you when everyone starts together. At least, in a handicap event everyone has the chance to be a winner, no chance for me otherwise to be first across the line. It does give a boost to the confidence and ego.

  3. See you in the national spiral 8 championships then? I don't think so. It's a novelty event, like the egg and spoon race.

  4. She's only cranky when the toilets are locked ;)

    I'm impressed that I get bold type! I was going to say you were kind enough to run with me.

    You'll run faster with the fast shoes (when we get a cool change). 14:?? for 3000 metres!

  5. I discovered tonight she's quite cranky when she locks her sunnies in the car before a run.

    I predict that if she wears her new shoes in a spiral, she could win!