Saturday, May 02, 2009

Enjoying the Sunshine

After talking with Ewen last night I decided to run with him from the War Memorial this morning instead of the other option of running at the Cotter at 7.30am. Ewen and I met at the civilised hour of 8.30am. The sun was already shining and I wore shorts and a long sleeved top which I tied round my waist as the warmth of the sun became stronger. We ran along the Ainslie track to Campbell Park, Duntroon, the Wetlands, Nara Park, Commonwealth Ave and back to the War Memorial. It was great to have company but by 14km my legs were definitely feeling slow and I was glad when we reached our destination. We were both so looking forward to our coffee only to discover that our favourite spot had closed for renovations. So off we drove to Hudsons in Dickson to imbibe in yummy apple and blueberry crumble and cappuccino sitting outside enjoying the warmth of the sun.
Total distance: 18km
Time taken: 1:52:56
Average pace per km: 6:16/km
Calories burned: 1061

1 comment:

  1. It was a perfect day, must have just missed each other. Good to see you have recovered from the marathon.