Friday, May 01, 2009

My First Session Back at Dickson

I arrived early for my first session back at Dickson Oval yesterday with the purpose of warming up and squeezing in a few extra kms. Our speedycoach had run even earlier so I ran on my own for an easy and pleasant 5km run round the local streets before the session started. There were ten of us at training. We ran 12 x 200m with a 100m float, which translated to nine laps of 400m starting with the 100m slower. It was great to catch up with Caroline and Marg and to meet another new starter, Heidi. I tried my best to run on my toes for the fast repeats and relaxed for the floats. I was very pleased that I managed to complete the whole session and was only lapped once (by 6 people mind you)!
Total distance: 13km
The temperature has improved in Canberra. Although it was zero degrees as I drove to Body Balance at 6am this morning the day was a very pleasant 17deg and the forecast is for much the same over the next week. The problem is there's only a few hours in the middle of the day when the warmth of the sun makes the days so lovely - pity about the COLD mornings!


  1. Did you wear your pointe shoes when you were running on your toes?

    The temperature in Canberra was perfect today. Who needs Queensland?!

  2. No problems with the temp when I run, midday in autumn/winter is perfect. And I remember some saying in Jan/Feb about it being too hot.