Monday, May 18, 2009

Why am I going backwards?

That's what my speedycoach asked me after my abysmal effort at Canberra's 40th Half Marathon yesterday. I have no excuses. The conditions were absolutely perfect, no wind, cold but sunny and altogether a beautiful morning for a run. There were over 800 starters and lots of running friends setting PB's. I ran the first km comfortably in 5:35, the next km in 5:38 and then it was all downhill from there - each km being slower than the one before! I didn't walk at all although my pace was nearly walking pace as I ran up the hills. I had forgotten how many there are in this course. The end result was that I finished in 2hrs 6mins which is very slow and 5 mins slower than the Weston Creek Half 5 weeks prior to the marathon. Yes indeed, I am going backwards but now I will have a little break from races - I think my next big event is the City to Surf in August after a 5 week holiday in USA which means my training may be a bit challenged.
Distance: 21.1km (plus 1km warm-up)
Calories burned: 1255
This afternoon I went to speedygeoff's training at Parliament House. We ran a warm-up loop followed by 6 x [1min fast, 1min] slow round the grassy verge in front of PH. We then turned and ran in the opposite direction for 6 x [1min fast, 1min slow]. We followed this with a warm-down long loop.
Total distance: 8km
I was the slowest runner tonight but glad that I at least turned up and managed to run. My legs feel ok, probably because my training runs are faster than my half marathon pace!


  1. Two hours six? That's one hour 66 in Kiwi. Say it aloud. Was that time deliberate perchance?

  2. 2hrs 6mins. It's a great race. Congratulations for the Camberra's 40th half Marathon.

  3. Your 1 hour 66 suxed! If you keep going backwards at that rate LLs will be thrashing you in a couple of years ;)

    I ran exactly the same type of race in Sydney. We should stop doing long runs together!

  4. Go longer and longer, no speed required at all, just stay upright. You really need a bigger aerobic base, leave out the racing and just run for fun, except for tyhe monthly handicaps so I have some one to chase.

  5. I hope you don't take Ewen's comment seriously, Strewth! Buth then again, you never know!!

    Have a lovely holiday in the USA & give my love to New very favourite city in the whole world!

  6. I must start doing long runs with Ewen and Ruth. That way I too will have a ready made excuse for my performances. And I will be able to research whether running with Ruth is the problem, or whether running with Ewen is the problem. This research could save many a running career in generations to come!