Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday Week and too much food!

On Tuesday 24 May it was my birthday and I had a rest from running. This has been a week of eating starting with a birthday brekkie with a good friend. Mr B took me out for a delicious dinner in the evening. Oops, bad habits are forming before I leave for Spain. I have had celebratory lunches all week and tomorrow after the veterans' handicap run we are heading off for a family lunch in Collector where my daughter will drive through from Sydney to join us.
I took Teddy for a lovely long walk in the morning and at lunchtime CJ collected me and took me out for a really yummy lunch. The run in the evening was a bit of a struggle but it felt better than Monday's effort. I met Chris, Andy and Ewen and we ran from Parliament House anti-clockwise round Central Basin and along Constitution Ave.
Total distance: 8.5km
Time taken: 53:06
Average pace per km: 6:15
I spent an hour at the gym in the morning doing chin ups, push ups, chest press, shoulder, triceps and biceps exercises and abs work. This was followed by a very busy day organising overseas money, lunching with yet another friend, hair appointment, nail appointment, optical appointment and shopping for last minute bits and pieces for my trip. I didn't make it to training, instead cooking a roast dinner and continuing with the packing.
First thing in the morning Teddy and I went for a run to make up for the one I missed last night and to make it up to Teddy who had missed out on his walk yesterday. We ran with minimum distractions for 8km.

Next it was off for a remedial massage in Kingston and after that a lovely lunch with Marg and Jeni, who was here for work on her fortnightly trip from the coast. In the evening we had our beautiful grandchildren overnight. They were so good and such fun and slept really well. I will miss them a lot when we are overseas.
This morning, after organising the children, I drove to meet Ewen at the War Memorial at the civilized hour of 9.30am. The sun was out and it was a glorious day with no wind although it was icy cold and we both wore gloves. I wore a t-shirt and shorts and felt ok but never too hot. We just ran down to the lake and towards Molonglo Reach and back. It is taking me longer to recover from this half marathon than it usually does. I'm still a bit stiff and sore.
Total distance: 10km
Time taken: 64.29
Average pace per km: 6:27
Tomorrow's hilly run will be interesting and very slow! Only two more sleeps until Spain!


  1. Wow, I am the first!!!!
    Late happy birthday.
    Don't worry for the food, you are in perfect shape.
    Enjoy the trip to Spain, very soon I will go to Madrid for a work meeting.

  2. If you were very slow this morning, what was I?!

    Nice work getting your blog up to date - we'll be expecting plenty of weigh-in updates from Spain ;)

  3. It was great to see you today, you must have been very busy but still had time to come out and run.