Sunday, May 22, 2011

Worth Waking Up For!!

The forecast for today was "rain developing"! Fortunately it didn't develop during the half marathon and the conditions were perfect for the YMCA Canberra Runners' Club 42nd Half Marathon which started at Lennox Gardens, going round the square of the National Library, Portrait Gallery etc and then on round the undulating west basin of the lake. I was so happy it didn't rain. The first 5km felt hard, possibly due to the concrete underfoot but after we headed for the track round the lake I felt comfortable even on the hills. The bright blue strapping on my hamstring must have helped and I played CJ and Tori's game of passing the person in front of me whenever I could. It gave me a little burst of speed as I came closer each time making it fun. In the first few km I realised I had lost the little rubber stopper for my left earplug of my ipod so I ran with only one earplug and listened to all the interesting conversations and heavy breathing around me out of one ear!

At the half way mark I had run one hour exactly so I was very happy when I finished in under two hours giving me a negative split!

Time: 1hr 58:52 (official time)

Average pace per km: 5:38

Place overall: 223rd (out of 327)

Place in age group: 1st

Not only did everyone receive a medal for finishing but I received a medal for winning my age group plus a $25 voucher from the Runners' Shop. Then, I won a lucky barrel draw of another two $25 vouchers from the Runners' Shop. Woo hoo, I have $75 to spend. I may wait to browse through the shop on our return from Spain.

After the run a group of us headed for Dobinsons in the city for lunch and coffee and lots of good conversation. Unfortunately we had to split into two groups a long way from each other because it was so busy but it was still fun. Jen joined us with baby Daniel and he is just so adorable. I was so lucky to have lots of cuddles!

During the week just gone I ran with Teddy on Tuesday incorporating Fartlek of 5 x 2min surges with 2min easy run between. Teddy was puffing and running nicely after the 5th surge until he spotted two yappy dogs behind a fence then he just about pulled me over in his eagerness to get to them. That was definitely another surge!!

Total distance: 5km

On Wednesday I ran my usual course with Chris, Andy and Ewen from Parliament House and part of the lake. It felt comfortable and the lights in the darkness made the lake look just stunning and mirror still and the carillon glowed.

Total distance: 9.5km


I incorporated Thursday's 200m strides in my plan (as I couldn't get to training on Thursday) with Friday's easy run taking Teddy with me. It was just 6 x 200m strides with easy jogs between and a 3km easy run.

Total distance: 5km

I then had a physio appointment and lessons on putting on my super blue tape so Mr B can do this for me while we are running overseas. It does seem to help.

We have 8 more sleeps until we fly to Spain - woo hoo!


  1. Well done Strewth! Nice 1/2 marathon for you. I might not see you before you go to Spain. Enjoy! Lucky You!

  2. Sub-2 hours is a great pre-Spain run. Now you're the second most skillful person I know who can listen to conversations our of one ear.

    Congrats on the win and $ loot. Sure you'll have no trouble spending it!

  3. Great run for the half marathon! First in age category....fabulous! I had aimed to be there for this run but things just didn't work out that way.

    Have a wonderful Spanish holiday & maybe see you later in the year.