Monday, May 23, 2011

One Week to Go!

This morning I spent a couple of hours at the gym working on my shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps and abs. This was followed by an industrious afternoon of defrosting the freezer, ordering a replacement Garmin ant stick, sorting out paperwork and clothes and bits and pieces to take overseas.

Later I went to the speedy geese session at Parliament House. I met them on their return from the first warm up loop and joined them to run to the hills where they were sprinting hill repeats. I opted to run along the flat well lit area at the top of the hill and along the footpath opposite PH. My hamstring was really painful and I didn’t want to risk making it worse by pushing on the hills. Instead I ran very gently backwards and forwards until the others had finished their hills when I joined them on the final loop of PH back to the carpark. It took until about 5km before my hamstring started to feel a bit less painful.
Total distance: 7.6km
And now there are just 7 more sleeps until Spain and still a lot left on my list of things to do!


  1. A very busy day. You are a machine.
    Where in Spain? I have many collegues (friends) there.

  2. Now there's LESS than one week to go!

  3. Gym working and running session: congrats for your strenght, Strewth!

    Enjoy your trip in Spain and ... don't forget your running shoes :)

  4. Good work on your fitness program. Don't let it slip while you are elsewhere.

    And don't come back overweight.