Monday, May 30, 2011

Waiting, waiting to fly to Barcelona!

I am currently at Canberra airport waiting for the flight to Melbourne which has been delayed twice due to fog in Melbourne. Fortunately Mr B has Qantas club membership and we have had a relaxing brekkie and there's still time for me to update my blog before the first leg of our long flight. We fly from Canberra to Melbourne, on to London and then Barcelona arriving about 10.15am tomorrow (Tuesday) if everything goes to plan! The predicted forecast for tomorrow is 22deg and raining - hmmm, glad I've packed my spray jacket and umbrella!

Yesterday I ran in the Vets' monthly handicap at West Stromlo. Mr B was on roster. We had to rush off straight afterwards but I still had an opportunity to catch up with a few people and it was lovely that Jen brought her baby Daniel out. The ground was a bit rough and there were a few undulations but it was good to be out there with so many familiar faces and I didn't stop and I managed to run all the course even if I was a bit slow. I was also a few seconds faster than Ewen who was caught walking on the hills!! He did have a good excuse however as he had raced the day before and was racing again in the afternoon.

Handicap Group: 23

Total distance: 7.5km

Time taken: 45:01

Average pace per km: 6mins

Finish place: 67th (out of 93 finishers)

I couldn't go to coffee afterwards as Mr B and I were joined by our entire family and drove to Collector to Grandma's Little Bakery at the Olive Farm, for a delightful family lunch celebrating birthdays, return from overseas and farewell to us. The girls had driven through from Sydney and we had a very special time together. I do love my family:)

In 20mins our flight should be called and we will be off. Having gone to bed at 2.30am and risen at 6.30am I'm hoping for some catch-up sleep on the plane (unlikely, but I can but hope)!

We are spending four days in Barcelona, then we travel by train to Valencia, Madrid and Seville staying a few days in each place. We will hire a car in Seville and drive on from there. Hopefully I will be able to blog on my way. Bye for now.:)


  1. Bienvenido a la soleada España!

    Enjoy your holiday and congratulations on thrashing me in the handicap Sunday :) Hope the handicapper puts you back a few more groups!