Monday, May 16, 2011

speedy geese hills

This morning I did a solid weights session at the gym followed by abs and stretches.

Tonight I arrived for training just as the other speedygeese were leaving for the warm up. Fortunately Chris started running with me and we met the others on their return round the loop of Parliament House. After the warm up we headed for the steep grassy bank leading up to the very top of PH. It has four levels and we ran right to the top the first time. After that we ran two levels (ie 100m) twenty times jogging down between each hill to repeat on the whistle. It was steep and hard work and 30mins of steady running. We finished with another loop around PH.

Total distance: approx 8km


  1. So how come you were late? Hope you didn't get booked for chatting on the phone while driving ;)

  2. Seems you enjoyed your running drills, Strewth! Have a nice weekend!

    Post scriptum: I'm so sorry to hear about the home burglars.