Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Final Cross Country and a Medium Run!

Cross Country Race - Acton Ferry Terminal - 6pm
I decided to run to the start from work and join in the final Cross Country Race for the season, then run back to work to collect my car before rushing home for a shower and heading off for a Vets' sub-committee meeting - bit of a rush and did arrive half an hour late but all was forgiven! The conditions were surprisingly humid and I discovered it was a mistake to wear the Cross Country singlet. It's not as light as the Cool Running singlet. However it was only 5km so not too bad. My Gandalf told me I actually ran 5.21km but the official distance was 5km so I will go by the official time according to the results.

Distance: 5km (Gandalf distance: 5:21)
Time taken: 26:07
Average pace per km: 5:13 (Gandalf pace: 5:01 - doesn't that sound so much better!)

Total distance including warm-up and cool down - 7km

Wednesday - Medium Run - 5am
An early start this morning as I woke just before the alarm at 4.25am. I waited that extra five minutes before rolling out of bed and ran out the door at 5am with ipod shuffle, headlamp and flashing armband attached. After leaving the main road I ran down to the lake where it was pitch black. I was so glad I was wearing my headlamp but it really wasn't sufficient to see much and I still ran with extreme caution. It was so very dark. The intention was to run 20km but I felt quite uncomfortable in the dark and I also had stomach cramps so opted to run only the 15km distance instead and headed for home the shorter way. Bit wussy I know but I seriously prefer at least a little bit of light. It also meant I ran quite slowly as I didn't want to trip over. I think my headlamp must need a new battery (or maybe I do)!

Distance: 15.07km
Time taken: 1hr 33mins 59secs
Average pace per km: 6:14 (oh dear me)
Calories burned: 891


  1. Take Gandalf's pace!

    Yes, new battery needed and maybe also a torch. Might be safer to run on quiet well-lit roads at that hour.

    The PH session was worse than doing a 1 hour race on the track!

    Have a good trip up north. Good luck for your long run on Monday!

  2. Nah, you don't need a new battery Strewth. I all with you for running on well lit streets. I don't really like running in the dark and I am enjoying the morning daylight at present while it lasts.