Sunday, March 18, 2007

Long Run, Lovely Lunch and Party Time!

Saturday 17 March - St Patrick's Day!
Overnight there was lots of rain and the ground was quite wet as just six of us set off from Molonglo for a run round the base of Mt Ainslie. About half way round the loop it started to rain again, just a lovely refreshing light rain to cool off the humidity in the air. The run was pleasant, chatty and taken at a comfortable pace. In fact, it was so comfortable that I sprinted back to Molonglo just before Steve and Ewen (who were recovering from the Six Foot) - absolutely unheard of in the normal course of things. Back at Molonglo I attached my little ipod shuffle, had a loo break and then set off on the next leg of my run. Just after I passed the boathouse Mr B cycled out to meet me and cycled beside me for the rest of my run. It was great to have both music and company and it made me try that little bit harder.

Distance: 34km
Time taken: 3hrs 29mins 52secs
Average pace per km: 6:10
Calories burned: 1995

Back at Molonglo I went for a beautiful paddle in the lake water to ease the aching muscles. Then it was home for a quick shower before going to meet CJ, Ewen, Lulu and Mr Lulu for lunch at Tosolini's. It was fantastic to catch up with Lulu and meet Mr Lulu. They are such a lovely couple. Two and a half hours later we reluctantly parted company (nothing like a long lunch with great company after a long run to make one feel totally relaxed) and I rushed home to make a rice salad to take to Griffin's 50th birthday party that evening. It was a great night in a beautiful home with loads of fantastic running friends, an excellent band, amazing food and new people to meet. In fact altogether it was a really good day!

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  1. You beat us back to the cars so you could put the whip away. How mean, making us run up those hills instead of walk!

    Good average pace for your 34k :)

    Didn't the wine and beer just make the lunch!