Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weston Creek Half Marathon

Yesterday morning (Saturday) Mr B and I ran a short run just to make sure the legs were working properly for today.
Distance: 4.06km
Time taken: 23:48
Average pace: 5:52

And today, Sunday, we both ran in the Weston Creek Half Marathon. The conditions were perfect, not a breath of wind, cool and crisp early although later it turned into a hot sunny beautiful day. There were lots of familiar faces out there including Liza who came to Canberra from the coast especially for the run and ran a great time too. Mr B and I ran a very short warm up and then lined up at the start. I guess today was one of those runs when everything felt right - the weather, the company and for the first time ever I ran a race with my ipod. I wore a little shuffle which just clipped on to my shorts and it was fantastic. The only problem I had was that the ear phones kept popping out of my ears so I'll have to explore that further but I really think the music helps. I had the stitch SIX times but managed to block out the discomfort with the music and it really did help me run through it. I was very happy with my time. It was just 17secs off my PB for this course in 2003!

Distance: 21.1km
Time taken: 1hr 53mins 17secs (damn those 17seconds!!)
Average pace per km: 5:24
Calories burned: 1281

The exciting part was that I won the gold medal for my age group - woo hoo, amazing! And Maria won W50 and Helen won W45 so there were quite a few of us from speedygeoff's training group. Another three from his group won the team race and speedygeoff ran in under 90 minutes so was pretty happy. I caught up with Tuggeranong Don, Liza, Flaskduck, Peter, Aki, Barb, Marg and heaps of others. It was a great morning. Then in the afternoon we babysat the grandchildren so there was no rest for the wicked!

Congratulations to the awe inspiring CJ on a fantastic result in the six foot and congratulations also to Jen, Ewen and all those other amazing runners out there who had fantastic runs. You are all awesome! Wowee - it must have been such an amazing day.


  1. Congratulations Strewth on your great run and great result. I've said it before and will say it again that you are a tremendous inspiration to me.

    You're right about the day. It was a beautiful one for running and I think that contributed to the many PBs that I heard about yesterday.

    I am a little embarrassed that I hadn't realised I was running alongside Mr B for a substantial portion of the run at one point, even though I had met him before. He looked to be in great shape and you two really do make quite a team.

    I loved yesterday and I can see you did too.

  2. Great time Strewth, you were so pleased. Glad you tried out that shuffle during a race too - it's great! I hate stitches during a run and you did well to run through so many and almost do a PB as well.

    Good luck with the rest of your training and I'll see you next month.


  3. Sensational run Strewth - congratulations!

    Thank you sooo much for all your support. You'll have to find out about the race for yourself next year ;-)

  4. Wow! Excellent time Strewth, and so close to a course PB too.

    Of course, it's all down to your excellent training partners ;)

    Take the hint from Jen and find out what it's all about - join CJ at the tree next year :)