Monday, March 12, 2007

Training continues

This morning I went for a half hour relaxing spa before work. I didn't want to emerge from the pool. It was divine but I did discover that my hamstring was very tight and stiff. At lunchtime Mr B and I met with CJ and heard about her amazing day and adventures at Six Foot and she showed us some great photos. She looks so good and seems to be recovering really well.

After work it was back to speedygeoff's training session but a number of us chose to take it quite gently as we had competed yesterday.

Distance: 9km
Session: 1.8km warm-up
5 x 370m undulating loops (x 2) (first loop fast - in my case "not very")
with laps of the oval in-between (no stopping)

I think this session made me realise that my hamstrings are definitely tight and sore and I may not run in the Cross Country race tomorrow. I'll see how the legs feel in the morning. A gentle longer run may be the way to go. I do need the distance.


  1. My quads are still sore!

    Go the gentle run by yourself, or back of the pack with Doug and Nick.

  2. Well done on winning your age group and almost beating your longstanding PB! You are running really well.

    Take care with that hamstring - you don't want to upset it too much with the marathon only just over 4 weeks away.

  3. Agree with the others Strewth. Watch those hammies! Mine are sore too after the weekend's efforts (and a few other things as well).

    Thanks for your words of support on my last blog entry. As always, very much appreciated.