Friday, March 30, 2007

From Windy Queensland to Cold Canberra!

Training Interruptus!!
I've just spent a lovely few days at a wedding in Brisbane then on to the Gold Coast for a few days relaxation. The weather was warm but very windy and certainly not conducive to swimming in the ocean. Even Mr B struggled to swim against the very strong current. It has been a week of overeating, socialising and not a lot of running! Yesterday I had to fly to Sydney for a meeting so squeezed in a short run before my flight. Tomorrow the plan is to run at the Cotter which should be an interesting experience for me!

Thursday 29 March
Distance: 10.09km
Time taken: 1hour
Average pace: 6:01
Calories burned: 585

Slow run, sore hamstring and tired body - not good at all, but I guess I at least made the distance before heading off to catch yet another plane.

Monday 26 March - Gold Coast
Distance: 35.4km
Time taken: 3hours 42mins
Calories burned: 2046
Average pace per km: 6:22
Fastest km: 5:26

This was a very boring run. Fortunately Mr B kept me company for the first 20km and my ipod shuffle kept me company the rest of the way. It was really a run along the boulevard by the beach for 5km in one direction with a tail wind then turning and running back against a very strong head wind. It was so difficult fighting the wind and sometimes it felt as if I was hardly moving. Yes, it was tough and seemingly endless and at the end the relief was immense. My legs ached and I pulled off my shoes and struggled into the ocean. However I could barely stand up against the strong current and had to keep Gandalf and my ipod from getting wet. The water wasn't cold enough, not like our Canberra lake water, to ease the aches and I was happy to find a cold beach shower to wash off the sand and ease the muscles a bit more. I felt glad I had managed the distance but oh boy, in spite of myself, I think I prefer hills!!

April looks like being a series of short weeks for me. I can cope with this! This week I had one day in the office, next weekend is Easter so that's two short weeks, the following Sunday is the marathon (how scary) and traditionally I always take the following Monday off work to recover, then the following week is broken with Anzac Day. What a month! May will be a full month but in mid-June we are off to Italy so that's another six weeks out of the office. Then in September I plan a week in Perth as Mr B will be spending a couple of weeks there at a squash tournament and I will join him for a week afterwards. I think I'm in training for retirement!!


  1. Catch up with you tomorrow at the Cotter - plenty of hills out there!

    Are you hinting you'll give the boring old marathon away and have a go at 6' next year?

  2. Scary? How come if you are such a great runner!

    Looking forward to read that report!

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