Friday, March 09, 2007

We Lost the Net!! Good luck to all Six Footers!!

Now this has been a difficult week as I haven't been able to blog or even check out what has been happening in Blogland as our internet has been down. The Transact man came and replaced our "black box" yesterday and now we are back in action. It's been terrible not reading up on everyone's news, especially during the last week before Six Foot. Best of luck to everyone out there running tomorrow. It will be such an amazing experience and I'm so looking forward to reading all about it.

Now I have to go right back to Sunday to update this week.

Sunday - 8.20am - Run
After a nice little sleep-in I decided to go for a pleasant run from home.

Distance: 10km
Time taken: 56:46
Average pace per km: 5:40
Calories burned: 584

Monday - speedygeoff's Parliament House training - 5.30pm
Total distance: 8km
Calories burned: 400

I was running five minutes late and missed the start of the warm-up so ran in the opposite direction to meet up with the group on their return of the start of the warm-up lap. We then ran down to the start of our main set which was a follows:

8 intervals of 45 seconds, starting each on 2 minutes. We reversed direction each time, so as to ensure everyone did the full recovery. Each time we ran the 45secs my aim was to run a little further. speedygeooff blew his whistle at the 45secs mark so we knew when to jog back to the start to wait for the whistle again before running our next interval.

To finish we ran a few stride-outs on the grassy 200m oval. Then we jogged back to the start for our cool down.

Tuesday - Cross Country Run - 6pm
Location: The Boat House
Distance: 5km
Time taken: 27:01
Average pace per km: 5:24

It was a much better ran than the last time I ran a Cross Country but there was a head wind to struggle against on the second half return lap of the run. It was enjoyable though because there were heaps of friends out there and lots of people to talk to afterwards - very social and pleasant.

Wednesday - Middle Distance Run - 5.30am
Distance: 16.77km
Time taken: 1hr 36mins
Average pace per km: 5:44
Calories burned: 989

This morning I had a new playlist on my little shuffle (thanks to speedygeoff) and I really enjoyed my morning run. Although it was quite dark for most of the time, as the lights round the lake did not appear to be working, I watched my footing and was surprised at the number of people out walking with friends or dogs or both. I enjoyed listening to the music and it was a perfect temperature - a great time of day. However, I will have to hunt out my headlamp for running at these times as it really is quite dark quite late in the mornings now.

In the evening, after Italian lessons, I drove to Belluci's to meet up with Lucky Legs, Ewen, Flashduck and Flashdrake, Aki, speedygeoff and Tuggeranong Don, just in time for dessert and coffee. This time I chose tiramisu. Talk about heaven! I hadn't eaten and was really hungry and this hardly touched the sides. It was absolutely yummo! It was a lovely evening and such fun to catch up with everyone. LL looked fantastic. It always boggles my mind how absolutely amazing she looks and how much younger than her actual years.

Thursday - Track
The ultimate aim of going to track was to cheer on LL when she ran the mile event in an attempt to break the record. However I managed to arrive just in time to compete in the 3000m event at 6pm. It was extremely hot at that time of day, although it had rained heavily during the course of the afternoon. The sun had come out an hour earlier and the temperature had shot up and it was really really hot. I struggled in the heat and with the time of day which is not my favourite time for running. I felt heavy and slow and I did not beat my PB but I did beat Marg - just!
Event: 3000m
Time taken: 15:06 (TBC)

At 7pm LL entered the mile event. Unfortunately she had an off-day and although she looked great out there and we cheered her on loudly she didn't manage to beat her record. However we were all very proud of her for making the attempt and there will be other races and other opportunities to break records. The important thing is for her to keep enjoying her running. She is such an inspiration to so many people. I hope I look that good and can run like her in twenty years!

At 8.15pm the weather had cooled considerably. In fact we had jackets and long pants to take off in order to enter the 5 lap spiral. Now the spiral handicap is my favourite event so Marg and I decided to give it a go. I'm so glad I went in it as I ran so much better in this event than in the earlier 3000m.

Distance: 3.02km
Time taken: 14:43
Place: 16th
Handicap: 30
Average pace per km: 4:52 (so much better)!
Calories burned: 176

I felt good and all the run I felt someone just behind me which made me determined not to let him pass me so I kept pushing myself. I was so happy with the result and felt much more comfortable during this run. It must have been because the temperature had dropped and also because Aki was leading a group of school children from Gippsland in a very loud cheer squad from the sides. It was really fun!


  1. See that? That's KT, let's cheer her on!

    See that? That's Strewth, let's cheer her on!

    They were just excellent kids, and they kept asking me how famous I was, and if I would sign an autograph for them. They also wanted everyone else out there to sign an autograph, especially when I described the concept of VETS and age bracket records.

    What a great time!

  2. The spiral distance was 2959.66 metres, Gandalf obviously had trouble with the bends out there.